ASB Squash s.r.o. – Management Team

Jiri Grulich - Executive Head and Managing Director

The leader of our team is the Executive Head and Managing Director of ASB SQUASH, graduate engineer Jiri Grulich.

He was born in Nový Jičín, Czech Republic in 1980. After secondary school specialising in electrical engineering, he earned his master’s degree in programming and industrial automation at the Technical University of Ostrava. In addition to his native Czech, he speaks English as well as some German and Russian.

He launched his career as a programmer in the field of automation in metallurgy for the company Ingeteam in Ostrava, Czech Republic. As a member of the implementation team, he was involved in a variety of major projects, especially in South Korea, China and Russia, which enabled him to gain professional experience and eventually he became project manager. Having travelled and worked abroad for five years, in 2010 he accepted the offer to manage the ASB SQUASH company (formerly ASB-NOSTA), which specialises in the manufacture and installation of squash courts.

He is responsible for the business management of the company and all its internal and external processes. Under his leadership, the company has undergone a variety of successful conceptual and organisational changes, including the recruitment of professionals in sales and manufacture. The company has been making substantial investments in technical equipment and the development of its own products. His guiding principles are high-quality work and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the positive approach towards management, as well as employee and business partner motivation, ASB SQUASH – managed by Jiri Grulich – is able to handle major orders all over the world.

Jan Weber - Sales Manager

With his professional background being sales and sales processes and his love for Squash, Jan remembers the day he heard there was a vacancy it was the chance of a lifetime to be joining ASB SQUASH in 2009 as regional sales manager. Having spent 3 years in the UK as a junior the English language was no barrier.

His first action after picking up work for ASB was to join an installation team building 6 courts in France which he insisted on doing to ensure he understands the full process it takes to provide ASB clients a finished quality product from planning to final installation.
Within ASB SQUASH Jan is responsible for Business in parts of Europe (UK / Scandinavia/Poland/Greece), Israel, Russia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Malaysia Australia and New Zealand.

In his daily work, Jan is putting great emphasis on good business ethics by means of clear communication and straightforward actions.
Born on the 14.08.1974 near Hamburg/ Germany Jan by now is happily married and has two sons. In his spare time and apart from Squash, Jan is keen on Golf and Snowboarding and founding member of an a-capella formation.

Till Jonuleit - Sales Manager

Born in 1982 in Leipzig, Germany, Till went to school in Germany and the United States before passing his A-Levels in Germany. After spending a year of compulsory community service, he started his studies of business administration and economics at the University of Passau, Germany. In addition to his studies in Passau, he spent a semester at the University François Rabelais in Tours, France, before returning to Passau and obtaining his Diploma in 2009.

Only 3 days after handing in his thesis, he started working at ASB SQUASH in project management and learned everything about ASB processes, from design to production to installation. He was promoted to head of project management in 2010. Knowing the products inside out and being fluent in German, English, French and Spanish, a position in sales was offered to Till which he gladly accepted.

Within ASB SQUASH, Till is responsible for the North- and South American market as well as the many Asian countries and the French and Spanish market. He sees the selling process as a team effort, starting with consulting the client and working with the ASB design department to offer the best possible product and with ASB project management to ensure the best possible installation on site.

In his spare time, Till is an avid Bayern Munich supporter and enjoys playing football and squash.

Jan Marek - Sales and Marketing Manager

Sales and Marketing Manager with headquarter office in Novy Jicin, Czech Republic, which is also the HQ of ASB SQUASH, graduate engineer Jan Marek. For many friends and business partners also known as Honza which is the casual and friendly modification of the name Jan in Czech.

He was born in 1978 in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic. After the high school studies he went on to Mendel University in Brno, CZ, where he graduated at the faculty of business and economics in 2003. Languages spoken besides Czech are English, German and currently he is working on Russian as well.

He started his professional career as a sales representative in the business of healthcare constructions and technology, company BLOCK a,s. and progressed to become the head of the sales department, managing the whole sales department, with project management worldwide, mostly in central eastern Europe and Middle East. After that he spent three years at the position of key account manager in the Czech branch of the Belgian company Agfa Healthcare, also involved in healthcare business.

Since 2012 he has been member of the ASB SQUASH family, managing countries in the central eastern Europe, Balkans and Baltic region and former Soviet Union countries. His most recent projects are coming from Romania, Belarus, Armenia, Hungary, Lithuania and Kazakhstan to mention a few. Projects include ASB standard squash courts, ASB glass courts and ASB glass floors.

With the main goal to develop ASBs presence in the “squash new born countries”. His other responsibilities are marketing and social media, bank communication during project financing using security tools like LoC and project management.

Adam Ondrasik - Production Manager

Adam is a graduate engineer, who leads the project management at ASB SQUASH at Nový Jičín, Czech Republic.

He was born in 1985 in Nový Jičín. After secondary school specialising in technical sciences, he successfully passed his master’s degree exam in building construction at The Technical University in Brno, Czech Republic. In addition to his native Czech, he speaks English fluently as well.

He started his professional career as an energetic consultant specialized in industry and public buildings in Brno. He moved to Roatan Island Bay, Honduras in 2012, where he worked as a project manager in Czech village – a developer project with 60 houses. He was responsible for infrastructure and house design and also for constructions using local resources only. He cooperated with local companies and implemented European standards into local environment. In 2013 he became a member of the ASB family.

As production manager he is responsible for efficiency of production and installation processes in maximum quality. He is also cooperating closely with designers during design phase.

His role is also very important in the pre-installation phase, where we are checking ASB installation and technological procedures in advance.

Adam is also responsible for complaint management handling and he is part of the development team, which is working hard on new improvement into the squash world. Adam is a playing captain of tennis team Nový Jičín. He is also playing squash, floorball and enjoying season adrenaline sports as a skiing and rafting.