With our experience of over 35 years in world wide squash court construction as background, ASB Squash offers full support to architects in terms of:

Providing general specifications and dimensions

  • ASB Squash offers specifications for all their court systems
  • The specifications include the necessary dimensions for several court set-up and layouts
  • Required clear dimensions to build ASB SquashCourts System100:
    • Minimum clear height from ±0,000 up to the ceiling: 5.640 mm
    • Minimum clear length to build a court ASB System 100: 10.100 mm
    • Minimum clear width to build a court ASB System 100: 6.700 mm
    • Minimum clear width to build 2 courts ASB System 100: 13.200 mm
    • Minimum clear width to build 3 courts ASB System 100: 19.700 mm
    • The height of ASB SportsFloor: 70 mm

If you require more details or specific information for your project, please contact us with below form.

Consulting on Squash Court layout- technically and economically

  • ASB Squash has conducted studies on customer behaviour in squash centers
  • Based on verified scientific data and the experience of over 35 years in the business, ASB Squash can provide information on how the layout of your center is optimised in order to generate the most turnover. This ensures profitability and the best use of the available space

Verification of feasability

  • Once we receive drawings in electronic formate(.dwg), we can check for you, if the space aloted to squash is sufficient
  • We check if the prefabricated elements can be brought into the building or if they need to be cut
  • Besides delivering standard squash courts, ASB Squash has a huge experience in special customized installations

Incorporation of ASB Squash Systems into existing drawings (.dwg)

  • After feasibility is checked, our technical department can return your .dwg drawings with our squash courts already incorporated into them. This saves you time and money

Supply of drawings/visuals customized for your project

  • ASB Squash can supply additional visual material such as 3D drawings of your project to give you and your client an idea of the finished product

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