The ASB GlassCourt is used for major international tournaments featuring the world’s leading players. The court has been a major feature of the Commonwealth Games, where a movable side wall has instantly converted the playing area into a doubles court.

The glass court has a stunning visual appearance and allows promoters and event organisers to stage major tournaments in superb locations in a creative and innovative fashion. The ASB court is popular among players for providing ideal playing conditions and is acclaimed by the TV industry for creating a dramatic setting that adapts perfectly to the demands of such a high-speed televised sport.

The Glass

1. The Glass Panels of a OneWay ShowGlassCourt are made of 12mm “SEKURIT” safety glass with burnt-in coloured ceramic dots. More than 50% of the surface is coloured.

2. The ASB ShowGlassCourt consists of 42 One-Way panels, which are all of the same size (about 1.60m x 1.70m). So only two replacement panels are needed.

The tournaments can be carried out in any case, without any long delays and this was the decisive breakthrough for ASB to have the glass court installed for international tournaments.

3. The ASB lighting construction is fixed to the glass fins. This helps to achieve the best illumination also for the doubles position. Intensive colours and high quality manufacturing guarantee best conditions for TV coverage, spectators and also for the players.

ASB One-Way means: The first layer of the dots on the inner side of the “SEKURIT” safety glass is printed in anthracite colour by screen printing technique.

The second layer is the bright colour which is visible for the player and the spectator on the inside of the court.

More than 50% of the surface is covered by the dots. The spectator does not see the dark dots from the outside and with this optical illusion he has optimum view of the matches.

The bright colours on the inner side of the court cause an optical illusion, which makes it impossible for the player to see the spectators outside the court.

The ASB GlassFloor

The ASB GlassFloor is the logical consequence in the ASB ShowGlassCourt. Walls and floor are of the same material. This is the new 5-Sided-ShowGlassCourt.

The new anti-slip squash floor is an absolute innovation in the field of sports floors.

Glass is a highly elastic and at the same time very hard material.

The movable ASB GlassWall

Since the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, ASB has built the movable glass sidewall in the ASB ShowGlassCourt. This was possible due to ASB’s years of experience, sophisticated workmanship and precision work.

Hundreds of times the movable walls of ASB have been moved for the interesting doubles.

The owners of ASB Courts with movable side walls always confirm this fact.

Rules for the Investor

The One-Way Coating is applied by screen printing technique, which brings brilliant colours and a better view in the court. Adhesive one-way foils are “out”.

The front wall panels and the panels in the front-most area of the side walls are higher than the out of play line, whichhelps to avoid ball losses.

Lighting must be 1.500 lux and arranged correctly, so that it offers best illumination.

Players, spectators (live or on TV) will all have best view of the ball in every corner of the court.

Installation time of the court must not exceed 36 hours.

The investor needs quality for his success. A ShowGlassCourt should have movable side walls.