After ASB’s client had installed a sports court with glass floor in his private home, he was so convinced about the product that he decided now to make the world’s first convertible, multi-functional LED-lit sports court part of a condominium tower. The project will be installed in Toronto, Canada. The 43-storey building will host 500 super modern apartments. The general idea behind this concept is to allow its inhabitants to stay in their building, keeping the cold Canadian winters in mind. Therefore, it boasts amenities such as a pool, meeting rooms, a sports bar and a bowling alley, but the icing on the cake comes from ASB: the multi-purpose LED-lit squash court with ASB glass flooring.

The ASB System40Court is mounted onto the building walls as on hundreds of courts around the world before. However, that is where ’standard’ stopped with this special court and things got completely customized for our client Ghods Builders Inc., who was the driving force behind this exceptional project. The Ghods family was thrilled by the opportunities, LED was offering so we incorporated these ideas in our court.

Step one was equipping the front and two side walls with LED marking lines as out-of-play-lines. Step two consisted in installing the latest ASB GlassFloor technology with multiple lines for not only squash but also basketball, volleyball, soccer and badminton. As with all other ASB GlassFloor products, the lines can be changed simply by the touching a button. Thanks to efficient planning and execution, the entire installation only takes 7 days. To take a closer look at the installation and the finished product, which will be part of new Ghods projects, please feel free to follow this link.