For one week the World Men’s Team Championships, World Squash Federation’s most important tournament, was the focus for all squash fans in the world. The World Men’s Team Championships were held at the Ahorn Sport Park on 9 ASB SquashCourts and one ASB ShowGlassCourt. Players, coaches, media and 1,000 spectators at the venue daily, were full of enthusiasm. Especially the atmosphere around the ASB ShowGlassCourt really fascinated the audience.

Here some comments:

WSF President Ramachandran said: “Paderborn has proved to be a first class venue but it has also raised the bar in terms of how Squash can be presented to fans and sponsors. Over seven thousand spectators have attended the event so far this week and we’ve had an incredible atmosphere. The tournament has seen some exciting new innovations including using lights and music between each match on the outstanding ASB ShowCourt to build excitement and really get the spectators engaged. I am delighted to see these exciting innovations being embraced by our tournament partners as they can only help in our ambition to become an Olympic sport.

World No 1 Nick Matthew echoed President Ramachandran’s comments, saying: “There has been a great buzz right across the tournament and the way music and the court lighting have been used to pump up the crowd has been great and really added to the atmosphere. This sort of innovation can only help in our goal to become an Olympic sport.”

World No 3 Karim Darwish said: “The tournament has been a great showcase for Squash and our goal to be included in the 2020 Olympic Games. I cannot think of a greater honour than to represent my country in the Olympic Games. It would mean so much to me and would be the absolute pinnacle of my career.”