Straight to the point


  • The first smart outdoor squash courts.
  • Amazing locations throughout the city.
  • More than just a court. It`s a social hub.

Point of View


We believe that by bringing squash from “hidden” areas to visible outdoor places around the city, the number of participants will increase each year by exposing squash as a healthy, competitive, fun & social sport activity. Our beautifully designed electronic squash courts with innovative technology will create a new and exciting sport experience.

  • Fitting TPOINT into outdoor sport activity areas, hotels, universities, private homes, office and residential roof tops around the city.
  • TPOINT requires 100 SQM for a single court to 1500 SQM for 6 courts including social and service areas.

My Points


  • TPOINT Court – completely modular Squash Courts Center: easy to operate electronic access system.
  • TPOINT Club – food and bar, social areas around and between the courts, pro shop, therapy room, showers, restrooms and lockers area.
  • WWW.TPOINT.CLUBPlayers can register and be part of the TPOINT community: scheduling games, challenging players, sharing of live broadcast on Facebook and other social media, tracking score data, evaluate performance and more…
  • Tpoint Support
    • Designing and planning.
    • Production and installation.
    • Monitoring and following up on all logistics.
    • Consulting of squash center operation.
    • Marketing support – branded courts, advertising, online and application.

Glass Walls


  1. The ASB Glass Court is used for major international tournaments featuring the world`s leading players.
  2. The glass courts are made of 12mm “ SEKURIT” safety glass with burnt-in colored ceramic dots.
  3. More than 50% of the surface is covered by the dots.
  4. The bright colors on the inner side of the courts cause an optical illusion, players don’t see the spectators outside the court, while spectators do not see the dark dots from the outside and enjoy ideal view of the matches.
  5. Once installed the walls will be maintenance free and easy to clean.
  6. The newly developed “fitting” system allows very fast installation.
  7. The glass panels range from approx.. 320x160cm to 170X160 cm
  8. The marking lines at the glass walls can be traditional (tape) or feature LED lines

Glass Floor


  1. The ASBGlassFloor is the most advanced flooring system in the world.
  2. The elastic aluminum substructure and the surface with special burnt-in ceramic dots provide an ideal floor for sport.
  3. The new anti-slip squash floor is an absolute innovation in the field of sports floors.
  4. The surface of the ASB GlassFloor is treated in different steps in order to obtain the ideal and necessary characteristics with regard to elasticity, grip and light reflection.
  5. The surface is matt, no reflection to distract athletes and spectators.
  6. Grip and ball rebound outperform alternative sports floors.
  7. The surface is made of tempered safety glass. Each panel is made of two sheets of safety glass, held together by a 1.52mm PVB safety foil. The floor consists of 12 panels and has LED marking lines.
  8. The floor meets EN, DIN and ISO norms.
  9. All colors are possible, led marking lines are installed underneath the glass floor and can be switched on and off as required, any logos, patterns or advertising can be imprinted at the same time.
  10. Maintenance requirements of this floor are extremely low and result in a no further cost over the years (no wear and tear no re-painting etc.).

Glass Door


  1. The ASB door has aluminum fittings and it designed for durable long- lasting user experience.
  2. The glass door and back wall were impact tested by the material testing institute of North Rhine Westphalia. They confirmed that the requirements of the squash court specifications were matched.
  3. The door starts the entire activation of the “smart court”. Once the door is opened: lighting, air-condition, audio and video systems are turned on.



  1. Light metal structure with minimalistic look.
  2. The roof is designed to fit any weather conditions.
  3. The entire roof structure is shipped from Germany for quick installation.
  4. The roof stretches further over the court providing extra sun protection for players, and shading for spectators.
  5. Ready to install areas for: lighting, video and audio equipment.

The controller


  1. Pad- Installed inside the court metal beam and can be removed with a key.
  2. Easy to use court application for renting and customization of court features: Color of the LED marking lines on the wall and floor, A/C, audio, video, electronic shades and timer display.
  3. The activation and opening of the court can be by credit card or user password.
  4. Connected to the TPOINT website for syncing player`s information: court reservation, final bill, score date, and more…
  5. Include service call button for direct assistance.




  1. Activated once the door is open and can be customized from the control panel.
  2. Exceeds the World Squash Federation (WSF) standard
  3. Intensive colors and high quality manufacturing guarantee best conditions for TV/video broadcasting, spectators and most importantly for the players.
  4. The colored inside of the walls is directly illuminated. Spectators do not see the dark dots from the outside and with this optical illusion, they have optimum view of the matches.
  5. The bright colors on the inner side of the court cause an optical illusion which shades most of the view outside the court. The players clearly recognize the walls as walls.

More Features


  1. Air Conditioning system:
    • Activated once the door is open and can be customized from the controller
    • An appropriate level of temperature is maintained during idle times.
    • The A/C unit is on top of the roof structure.
  2. Audio: 4 speakers, connected (wireless) to the players’ cellphones allow a personal choice of music.
  3. Video: All games can be recorded, shared live on the TPOINT website and stored on player profiles.
  4. Electronic shades:
    • For privacy and sun protection. Can be customized from the controller.
    • Logo printed shades.
  5. Timer
    • Once the door of the court closes countdown of 45 min appears.
    • 5 min before the rental time ends, the light will change so players are aware.
  6. Score panel: Recording and saving the game score to player profile.
  7. Locker: For storage of personal goods during playtime.

Winning points


TPOINT is much more than just a squash court – it is a social hub,
We are a social hub for squash… Creating a unique atmosphere before, during and after the game.

Just log into your personal TPOINT account to find new challenges to compete at your level. Scheduling courts and inviting friends to watch games.

Once you approve the sharing of live broadcast on Facebook and other social sites, your friends will receive automatic notice about the upcoming game.

During the game your friend will be posting comments on your wall while spectators around the courts are eating, drinking, and having fun experiencing the excitement of the game!

After the game ends you will be able to save the score at the controller to be ranked by our system. Finally you can review friends’ comments on your wall and watch a video record of your game.

We bring a revolutionary center solution for the squash community!



TPOINT – Area on the court where the short line intersects with the half court line. The best location for a player, to control and overview the opponent and the match.