Space: What are the benefits of movable side walls?

If you’re planning to buy squash courts and open a squash centre, there are several decisions that need to be made. The first being: should it be a club which is solely committed to squash, with a dedicated programme and coaching team? Or should it be a sports facility which offers the opportunity for other leisure activities in addition to squash? Either scenario would benefit from ASB’s Movable SideWalls in a major way.

The dedicated squash facility

Depending on the country and its interest for squash, the doubles game is an important factor not only in the elite programmes but also on an advanced level. Doubles squash has a high popularity in the Commonwealth Countries as well as the Americas; being a part of prestigious sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games and PanAmerican Games.

The leisure centre

In this scenario, one of the key factors is dedicated space and the usage per square meter (sqm). By adding three squash courts, approx. 190 sqm are used up for squash only. This means over 30 sqm per person are dedicated to squash only, whereas the amount in the fitness area may be 2-4 sqm per person. This brings up the dilemma squash often has to face: it uses up too much space and does not earn enough money for the center owner.

The key to overcoming this dilemma is multi-functionality. By using the court area for other sports and optimizing schedules and occupancy rates of the courts, every center owner can get the maximum return out of his investment. The secret ingredient in this recipe is the use of an ASB movable side wall. This way, a bank of 3 courts can be converted into a free space of approx. 190 sqm, once the side walls are moved to the far left and far right. This enables the owner to use the space which is dedicated to squash in other ways such as aerobic classes, zumba, badminton, volleyball and many other games.