ASB GlassFloor

Sports floor with a glass surface and LED marking lines

The ASB GlassFloor is well known in the squash scene. The ASB GlassFloor has no confusing marking lines as they can be illuminated for individual sports at the touch of a switch to all common indoor sports such as badminton, basketball, apparatus gymnastics, indoor soccer, indoor hockey, handball or volleyball.

Check out the PSA ASB GlassFloor video!

Technical Data of the ASB GlassFloor:

  • Size of sports hall floor: Around 485 sq. m.
  • Different lines for the following sports can be chosen: Tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball and badminton.
  • Design: Substructure: 2,335 running metres, aluminium support frame, fixed elastically on 2,830 supports which are 17cm high.
  • Glass floor: 165 glass panels of different dimensions, laid out on the aluminium support structure.
  • Illuminated lines: 850 running metres of marking lines, blue LEDs laid out in aluminium channels.
  • Glass floor panels: Laminated SGG STADIP security glass panels made of two tempered security glass parts separated by 1.52mm thick PVB- foil.
  • Glass floor panels fixture: All four corners of each glass panel are fixed to the supporting structure with 5 x 5cm Velcro.
  • Surface of glass panels: Special etching on the upper surface of the glass panels to prevent light reflection and a slip resistant screen print.
  • Sliding characteristics: The material testing institute of Stuttgart University tested the panels’ sliding characteristics against DIN V 18032-2 (2001-04). The panels met the sliding characteristic required for sports halls – minimum 0.4μ and maximum 0.6μ.
  • Standards: The floor meets the national and international requirements for slip resistance (DIN V 18032-2:2001) and was tested according to the requirements of the EN 14904 for area elastic floors for shock absorption, standard deformation, behavior under rolling load and ball reflection.
  • Jointing: Special filler compatible with tempered security glass VSG – matching the blue colour of the floor.
  • Sleeves: 29 holes for sleeves in stepped drilled holes with surrounded plastic rings to prevent glass touching metal. These holes hold the posts for sports equipment, badminton nets, goals etc.
  • Choice of lines: On and off by touch screen


Fields of Application

Even if the ASB GlassFloor has been primarily designed for sports events, it can be used for many further fields of application. It can be produced as huge, homogeneous surface in a wide variety of colours, as the laminated security glass is produced with a coloured PVB foil between the glass layers. The LEDs in the substructure can be chosen in any colour. So the glass floor is suitable for the use in many different areas, like e.g. event venues. With the ASB GlassFloor the different functional areas can be elegantly designed. The LED lines or differently coloured glass panels can also be used to indicate escape ways.

The sprung characteristics can also be used for discotheques, clubs etc. where the floor’s elasticity cushions the knees and ankles of the dancers. VJs will find completely new possibilities in these rooms, by integrating the floor LEDs under the dancers in their video show.

Reception areas in prestigious buildings can show many different info with the respective LED nets – such as pictures and also videos. Logos projected from underneath, changing artworks, simulation of different floor coverings, symbols, architectural motifs, accessible artworks in museums – there are no limits to any ideas.

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