ASB GlassWall

Squash court glass wall allowing for a perfect view on the match

The ASB GlassWall has a stunning visual appearance. The glass panels of an ASB GlassWall are made of 12mm “SEKURIT” glass. The wall can be combined with our other systems. The wall can be equipped with ASB one-way-vision™ technology, which means, that the first layer of the dots on the inner side of the “SEKURIT” safety glass is printed in anthracite/black colour by screen printing technique. The second layer of dots, which are the bright colour dots have to be printed exactly on the black dots. The spectators can see inside the court, on the other hand, the players cannot see outside. Therefore they are not disturbed by the movement around and can easily focus on the squash ball.

All glass surface
A squash court is subject to the continuous hard impact of the squash ball. Plaster courts and, even if in a milder form, panel courts or system courts suffer from this over time. The GlassWall can withstand this impact forever without damage or signs of usage.

No maintenance anymore
The GlassWall is easy to clean. The marks of squash balls are in general less than on plaster or system walls. If required, ball marks can be removed very easily with a sponge and just a bit of water. The smooth surface of the glass wall does not allow the rubber to bond with the material and allows for this easy cleaning process.

The marking lines
Standard marking lines (top outlines, service line, tin) are: red, blue, green and yellow. We also offer customized marking lines.