ASB Height AdjustableTin

Squash front wall board with adjustable height

The ASB Height AdjustableTin consists of 2 mm thick, high-quality aluminium and can be installed quickly and easily, within 2 hours. It can be altered to 48 cm or to 43 cm (international competitions). The Tin can also be perforated according to the court ventilation requirements.

It is assembled from two parts and therefore easily installed in a court at any time. The even and white coated aluminium surface gives the Tin a stylish look.

Depending on skill level and rules of competition, the height of the AdjustableTin can be chosen. With very little effort the board can be altered to 48 cm or lowered to 43 cm (international competitions).

If the ball hits the ASB AdjustableTin, this is clearly audible because of the different sound of impact. Unnecessary discussions about “out” or “low” are avoided.