ASB MirrorWall

Mirrors as a squash court back wall

The ASB MirrorWall can be installed in each configuration of squash courts. The wall is operated electrically and all it requires is to press a button to lower the mirrors down from the ceiling. It gives the squash courts an extra range of utilization as the mirrors can be used for performing different activities like workout, aerobics etc.

For one court the MirrorWall is as wide as the glass back wall. It comes in two parts because the entrance door, which is also the emergency exit, has to remain uncovered. When the mirror wall is designed for two courts, only one entrance door is left free. Every mirror element is more than 3m wide and 2m high.

The mirrors are lowered down or lifted up by an electric motor via a belt that runs over a roller similar to the ones used for window blinds. The two mirrors for a single court run on only one roller, the mirrors for two or three courts can also run on one roller, requiring only one motor. In case every court should be equipped independently with a mirror wall, the respective number of motors and independently operating rollers are required.