ASB Movable SideWall

Movable side wall of a squash court

Hardly any other product has changed a sport as much as the ASB Movable SideWall. With this innovation, the squash court became an all-purpose area and provided the answer to the multi-functionality required in today’s leisure centres. Simply by pressing a button, not only the court but also the sport of squash is changed.

Our clients can choose out of two options: ASB Mechanical or ASB Electric Movable SideWall.


Doubles Squash – every modern centre will and has to be able to offer doubles squash. More and more major doubles events and championships are being staged all over the world in squash. Extended training surface: Not only for squash, but also for other sports and for different events. It makes sense to have this freedom in a facility. Three courts as an ASB GAME COURT are ideal for multi-functional use.

The ASB MovableWall is a 100mm thick system wall with some alterations. It moves on two single carriages over the front wall and the glass back wall. The ASB Movable SideWall is standard in any new facility. The movable wall can be moved mechanically and electrically. It is either operated by hand or fully automatically just by pressing the button. All programmed stops are driven over a clearly arranged display.

The movable wall stops at the programmed places and locks automatically. All electronic cables run within the movable wall and also the feeder cables in the front and back wall area are ready installed.

Every national training centre built by ASB has got movable side walls – with the movable side wall high purchase costs are saved. There is no need to plan and buy separate doubles courts – the movable wall changes a single court into a doubles court, even if the dimensions should be changed one day.