ASB PermanentGlassWall

Fixed non transparent squash court glass wall

The ASB PermanentGlassWall system will be a major game changer for the squash market. The decay of plaster squash walls from the impact of the ball over time is a major issue for every center owner or manager, especially the annual maintenance in connection with the down time of the court have been the problem.

With this new system this has an end. Once installed the walls will be maintenance free and easy to clean. The newly developed fitting system allows very fast installation and installing is a clean job without dust or dirt in the center.

ASB has cutting edge technology for the coating of the high end matt glass panels, the largest coating machine in Europe. The new advertising and branding opportunities make the decision to change to the PermanentGlassWall system even more appealing.

All glass surface
A squash court is subject to the continuous hard impact of the squash ball. Plaster courts and, even if in a milder form, panel courts or system courts suffer from this over time. The ASB PermanentGlassWall can withstand this impact forever without damage or signs of usage.

Non-reflective matt finish
The finish of the ASB PermanentGlassWall diffuses the light and does not allow direct light reflections. The finish also shows no reflection of the players or any other objects behind the court.

No maintenance anymore
The ASB PermanentGlassWall is very easy to clean. The marks of squash balls are in general less than on plaster or system walls. If required, ball marks can be removed very easily with a sponge and just a bit of water. The smooth surface of the glass wall does not allow the rubber to bond with the material and allows for this easy cleaning process.

Any Enviroment
As glass is not subject to damage through humidity or any other external factors (heat or cold…) it can be installed and will perform ideally in any environment. ASB PermanentGlassCourts can also be installed outdoors.

Fast and clean installation
With our specially designed, new fitting system the ASB PermanentGlassWall can be fitted extremely fast, even on non-level walls. During installation there is no dust, dirt or immense noise so that all activity can continue as regular in the rest of the center.

Full design flexibility
The colour of the court is determined by a specially developed film coating. ASB can produce this coating in any required RAL colour. In addition we can include logos, graphics or images on the PermanentGlassWall.

Consistency in reflection and colour
The main problem with matt glass is its appearance compared to other glass panels. It is challenging to get the matt stain right in a way that all panels have exactly the same quality finish. ASB PermanentWalls are built from special glass that gets the matt surface in an optimized and automated manufacturing process ensuring each panel is equal.

Wall colours
Standard wall colours in white and matt black are available. Additionally ASB can provide the PermanentGlassWall in every non metalic RAL colour and with patterns or graphics. The ASB PermanentGlassWall can be custom-designed and large graphics or motives for special training routines can be included.

The option to have custom-designed front walls are a great way to refinance the investment. In this way exclusive naming rights of a court can offered or high priority advertising space can be created.

The marking lines
Standard marking lines (top outlines, service line, tin) are: red, blue, green and yellow. We also offer customized marking lines.

The flooring
Depending on the colour of the walls a standard wooden floor or a dark wooden floor is recommended. On a court with dark wall colours a white ball is used for play. Due to the contrast to the white ball ASB offers its standard SportsFloor 65 with the same finish we use on the ASB ShowGlassCourt, used for most World Class events. The dark finish is in black, but still shows the natural grain of the wood and does not stain the ball or shoes.

Renovation on system, panel or plaster courts
ASB developed a new fitting system for the ASB PermanentGlassWalls that allows the wall to be fitted to all existing squash courts, most existing walls and as a free standing wall.

The new fitting system allows very fast installation that automatically will be 100% straight and level. A front wall installation is done comfortable in one day. Even existing courts with non-level front walls will have a perfect surface after only a few hours.

In addition, the ASB PermanentGlassWall is fitted with sound reducing insulation when fitted directly to an existing wall preventing the gap between the glass and the wall to act as a resonating box. Therefore the noise of the ball impact is reduced and not transferred directly onto the building‘s wall.