Inflatable SquashCourt

We bring squash to the children

The Inflatable SquashCourt is the ideal add-on for clubs offering additional service to its members and their children. It is also the ideal starter pack for squash federations, cities and schools to get children involved in racket sports and of course squash in particular.

Due to large demand and numerous requests, we have included the Inflatable SquashCourt in our portfolio. With our eyes and ears always close to the pulse of the market, we have had several discussions with club owners and federation officials that all circled around the same topic: how to get more young players and children attracted to our sport.

Since it is sometimes difficult to offer children court time or to even get kids to a squash centre in the first place, we thought we needed something that could be mounted anywhere in a quick fashion, not requiring a lot of space and of course with a reasonable price. After already seeing a couple of versions of inflatable courts and its various qualities, we didn’t want to settle for just any court but instead only wanted to use the best possible materials in accordance with the highest ecological standards to offer our clients a court that their children and future squash players will enjoy.

The Inflatable SquashCourt is made of highly resistant material to prevent any damage from rackets or children jumping against the wall. The Inflatable SquashCourt creates a playful atmosphere for kids to get involved in the sport. Thanks to its quick installation and dismantling time as well as its resistant material, the court can be taken to numerous locations to spread the sport as much as possible. From a commercial point of view, ASB offers its clients the possibility to either put permanent advertisement on the Inflatable SquashCourt or changeable advertisement on it. Options can be discussed according to the client’s request.

Clients have the choice of a court in blue and red or green and silver with a size of 5,2m (width) x 6m (length) x 3m (height). The product comes with a powerful compressor that ensures that the court is inflated in approx. 15 minutes. 2 rackets and a soft ball are included in the package. The court can be transported on a pallet.