ASB EventGameCourt

Multifunctional setup of three courts for numerous installations at different destinations

The ASB EventGameCourt has the same playing characteristics as the normal ASB GameCourt. It consists of three ASB System100 SquashCourts in a row with two movable side walls separating the three courts. However, in addition, it has some features that enable the court to ‚travel‘. The ASB EventGameCourt is designed to be installed, dismantled and re-installed numerous times.

It is aimed for clients that look for a temporary placement of the courts e.g. for an event with a large crowd before placing the court in a new location for permanent use or clients who have just temporary or no long-term rental agreements.

The ASB EventGameCourt is the perfect court unit for large, multi-sports events that look for sustainability and a legacy program. The ASB EventGameCourt provides investors with a secure investment and users with increased functionality, not only providing space for singles and doubles squash but also offering a large 190+ sqm multi-purpose area for 30+ sports, dance classes or social events.


  • Singles and doubles squash
  • Multi-purpose area for 30+ sports and events
  • Installation, dismantling and re-installed numerous times
  • No fixed location
  • Secure investment