ASB MultiSportCourt

One squash court, more alternatives of use

ASB MultiSportCourt is a single ASB Court which offers the ideal space not only for playing squash but can be readjusted for other sports usage in a minute.

In addition to squash, it is also possible to play other ball games and sports, like basketball, soccer, wallyball, table tennis and to perform all different types of exercise like aerobics and spinning.

The area provides a wide range of usage thanks to its multi-functionality and flexibility following the future trends of sport facilities. More than five different sports can be carried out inside the court.

An ASB MultiSportCourt multiplies the usage possibilities of your court and draws attention of a wide range of athletes.



  • Smooth surface
  • Reliable materials
  • Long durability
  • Older court renovation and upgrade
  • Multi-functionality
  • Multi-usage
  • Multi-sport team competitions