ASB’s solution for padel tennis

After 50 years in the leisure sport industry, ASB is now offering a new trend sport product: The PadelCourt. The PadelCourt can be used by leisure players as well as professional players for high level competition. It is closed entirely by 10m in width and 20m in length.

The PadelCourt offers the same characteristics as the ASB SquashCourt: high quality material, perfect finishes, installed by an experienced installation crew to offer a sustainable product that pleases every client.

The flooring surface of the court consists of blue artificial grass, UV protected and slightly covered with sand to ensure that impact on knees and ankles of the players is absorbed. The ball bounces consistently. The court is equipped with large glass panes on each end, offering great viewing possibilities and solid ball rebound for the players on the inside. The sides are made of coated steel fencing without any sharp edges in order to protect players from injuries. The court is accessible either from both sides or from one side only with all doors being lockable by key. Wheelchair access is also ensured.

The PadelCourt complies with regulatory standards for the padel game. Side and back walls are built with full metal frame & glass, which allow regular ball bounce.

The net’s size is within regulations. Double mesh made of polyethylene with vinyl tape, white top with logo.

The padel court can have an artificial lighting for proper playing conditions of the game during night hours or low sunlight. Lights are not obstructing the vision of the players.

It consists of 4 pillars of 6 meters height that are part of the padel court wall structure. Two on each side of the court, placed 4m from each back wall, each one being equipped with one or two 400W white light lights.

Minimum installation requirements:
An installation base slab of 21m x 11m is required for the installation. The base slab should have the thickness of at least 10 cm. The floor slab is to be provided by the client.