ASB ShowGlassCourt

Glass court for a multiple event installations and PSA tournaments

The ASB ShowGlassCourt is used for major international tournaments featuring the world’s leading players. The court has been a major feature of the Commonwealth Games, where a movable side wall has instantly converted the playing area into a doubles court.

The ASB ShowGlassCourt has a stunning visual appearance and allows promoters and event organizers to stage major tournaments in superb locations in a creative and innovative fashion. The ASB ShowGlassCourt is popular among all players for providing ideal playing conditions and is acclaimed by the TV industry for creating a dramatic setting that adapts perfectly to the demands of such a high-speed televised sport.

The ASB Glass

The glass panels of an ASB ShowGlassCourt are made of 12mm “SEKURIT” safety one-way-vision™ glass with burnt-in coloured ceramic dots. More than 50% of the surface is coloured.

The singles version of an ASB ShowGlassCourt consists of 35 panels (incl. door) – 32 are one-way-vision™ panels for front wall (8) and the 2 side walls (12 each), while the back wall (2 panels + door) is made of clear glass.

ASB invented the one-way-vision™ glass with the two ceramic dots (first black and exactly on top the black dot a coloured dot) technique. WSF adopted this description, even if not many glass manufacturers are able to work with this technique in general.

ASB one-way-vision™ means: The first layer of the dots on the inner side of the “SEKURIT” safety glass is printed in anthracite/black colour by screen printing technique. The second layer of dots, which are the bright colour dots have to be printed exactly on the black dots. The colored dots inside are visible for the player and TV on the inside of the court.

More than 50% of the surface is covered by the dots. The spectators watching from outside do not see the black dots from the outside and this optical illusion gives an optimum view of the matches. The bright colours on the inner side of the court cause an optical illusion, which makes it difficult for the player to see the spectators outside the court.

The ASB TV/camera windows

ASB ShowGlassCourt have a standardized TV/camera window space (called “clear TV cut outs”) at the front wall, which is from the floor to 90cm upwards all the way across the 6,40m width of the court. Additionally, ASB ShowGlassCourts have several special “TV cut outs” on several panels at the side walls (app. 40x40cm from the floor up) to create more camera angles and picture options.

The ASB LED Lights

The ASB LED lighting suitable for highest broadcast standards, is a part of the court and permanently attached to the glass with special fixings and light beams – no extra metal posts, which would reduce the clear view, carry the light system. It meets the TV light requirement of minimum 1600-1800 lux at floor level, at any place within the court. The LED light is suitable for super slow motion up to 4000 fps without any light flickering. The LED Lights have the ability to be dimmed and run a programmed lightshow. The ASB ShowGlassCourts are prepared to have the option to install a light spill cover system on top of the glass, which prevents light spill over the glass and light the outside which will influence the one-way-vision™ view effect.

The ASB TVOFloor

ASB has developed together with PSA the special TVO Floor (TV optimized and portable flooring and subfloor). The engineered TVO Floor is sweat absorbent, has optimal spring, provides firm footing in normal play, is capable of absorbing small amounts of moisture without becoming slippery.

The ASB TVOFloor is made for event requirements, to be often installed and de-rigged in appropriate time. Black colour with a matte finish is used for maximum contrast for the white ball. The colour of the walls (blue is the best version so far) and the floor are essential in their effect on ball visibility when broadcasting. As an ad on, the ASB ShowCourt construction and the base metal frame is prepared to allow an upgrade of an ASB GlassFloor at any time.

The ASB GlassFloor

The ASB GlassFloor is the logical consequence in the ASB ShowGlassCourt. Walls and floor are of the same material. This is the new 5-sided ASB ShowGlassCourt. The new anti-slip squash floor is an absolute innovation in the field of sports floors.

Glass is a highly elastic and at the same time very hard material. ASB GlassFloor (link on to ) is also used for several other sports (i. e. Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and many more) and as interactive surface for TV shows.

The movable ASB GlassWall

Since the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur (1998), ASB has built the movable glass sidewall in the ASB ShowGlassCourt. This was possible due to ASB’s years of experience, sophisticated workmanship and precision work. Hundreds of times the movable walls of ASB have been moved for the interesting doubles, during all 4-year-termed Commonwealth Games being held from 1998 to 2018.

Optional Inclusions

An interactiveSquash unit, complete with national appropriate electrical standard power supply, software, wiring and supports necessary can be installed to the ASB ShowGlassCourt. In previous PSA events (last time at the World Championships in Chicago 2019) a complete “video

wall” (behind the front wall) was combined with the interactiveSquash technique, to use the whole front wall as a display to incorporate tracking, advertising and gamification. As this is a separate topic, which could be varied from a standard interactiveSquash solution with projector up to the high-end version combined with video wall is possible. Up to date ASB is the only company integrating these systems into a ShowGlassCourt.

External video monitor accommodation, i.e. holes and custom mounts can be provided without a problem. Specified locations of monitors can be realized. ASB can plan for additional areas of the glass being without print (see above at TV/camera windows) and for a suitable mounting or protection system.