ASB System100

Squash court built of self-standing walls, thickness 100mm

The ASB System100 is a classic squash court used all over the world. Builders and users have always esteemed the high quality of its construction. You will find ASB SquashCourts in many national training centres and they have been used at each of the Commonwealth Games venues since squash made its debut in 1998.

The world’s leading squash players, TV production companies and tournament promoters have frequently voiced their opinion that ASB courts are the best: for playing characteristics, aesthetic qualities and stunning visual appearance.

The ASB System100 SquashCourt consists of self-carrying wall elements – which means that it stands independently of the surrounding building walls.

Therefore the court cannot be harmed by static cracks of a building or thermal influences and it reliably absorbs sound. The distance to the existing walls or the carrying building construction is chosen in a way that the court is not influenced.

Wall Structure of an ASB System100 SquashCourt

The carrying construction of the ASB System100 wall consists of aluminium profiles. These profiles are covered with high-density panels from both sides. These panels are produced according to ASB’s specifications. The cavity in the middle is filled with fire-dried sand at the site. The squash wall gets the required surface hardness by this filling, which is ideal for squash.

The ASB System100 wall’s design has its perfect dimensional accuracy. Connections are solved innovatively and precisely. Our technicians’ painstaking work solves many problems for the contractors with regard to squash – the ASB System100 can be played on immediately after its installation.

Our high quality entails obligations. Constant quality control ensures a constant top-quality product. ASB’s eagerness to innovate gives the client certainty to buy a product which is always up to the best available technology.