ASB System40

Squash court built of wall panels, thickness 40mm, which are anchored to the building wall

The ASB System40 panels are generally useable for either a new court or a renovation of an existing court made of plaster or other materials which are not resistant to the impact of the squash ball. This already brings us to the challenge to manufacture a good squash wall.

When a squash ball hits a wall at high speed a mini-vacuum is generated. This vacuum arises because the part of the ball hitting the wall first immediately leaves the wall again. With the even smallest unevenness this mini vacuum causes small parts of the plaster to be sucked from the wall. The ASB System40 wall prevents this phenomenon lastingly.

The ASB Panel is fixed to the existing wall and is aligned vertically and horizontally. ASB technology helps to keep the distance between existing wall and panels. This cavity is filled with fire-dried sand, which is compressed. After this installation, the surface is without any visible joints and is covered with the ASB coating.

In its specifications the World Squash Federation (WSF) reduced the dimensions for renovated courts by 8 cm each in width and length for renovations and made these dimensions standard. These new dimensions are necessary as the System40 wall will be installed on top of an existing plaster wall, for example.

ASB System40 main advantages:

  • ASB is capable to level out differences in building walls, which ensures a completely straight wall and thus, the best playing characteristics
  • The cavity between a building wall and an ASB panel is completely filled with  fire-dried sand – this means no hollow spots, the entire wall becomes very solid and the rebound is even and consistent, no matter where the ball hits the wall
  • The ASB panels are 18 mm thick – ball gets closer to the fire-dried sand, therefore, the wall becomes harder, which leads to better playing characteristics
  • Squash court wall ́s surface finish is smooth, solid and without joints or gaps
  • Squash court walls cannot be harmed by static cracks
  • ASB System40 panels enable easy and fast renovation of old plaster courts
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Noise reduction