Squash World Tour visiting ASB SQUASH

In August 2023 we were honoured by the visit of the team from www.squashworldtour.com from Austria. Team led by Peter Robič visited us in Novy Jicin, Czech Republic to test our latest innovation - The ASB OutdoorSquashCourt.

Here is what the guys had to say about the court:  "After thoroughly inspecting the court and warming up, we put it to the test under competitive conditions. Both the ASB workforce and our media team witnessed an intense battle.

In general we liked the court. The concept of playing squash outdoors is highly enjoyable. The sound is similar to that of a glass court, though the walls are less blunt. The plastic tiles offer less dampening compared to a standard wooden squash floor, and they’re slightly more slippery when the surface gets wet – a disadvantage for Joel, who relies more on his footwork. A nice fact is that the bounce was quite high, even when using a Dunlop double yellow dot ball. While the sun was out, the ball remained clearly visible. However, as it grew darker with the storm approaching, the contrast against the light blue floor became less distinct. Shortly after the match concluded, it began to rain, so we were happy to have finished the battle in time."

It was great to have the court tested by different players and we really appreciated each feedback we received. This always encourages us to keep on bringing our innovations to the squash world.