Squash Court Doors: What makes one door different to another?

At squash courts, especially elder once which already have a glass back wall, it could be discovered, that there are various types of doors and squash court door locks. Either being not made of glass but rather plastic, or open to the left side instead of open to the right side, as per regulation.

Some doors do not have a proper squash court door handle or a door lock – some just provide a simple hole to put the finger through in order to close or open it. Additionally it could be discovered, that the door hinges have different sizes or they are made of various materials such as plastic, iron or aluminum.

Is there any distinction in squash court door hardware?

The squash court door hardware is essential for the longevity of the door and the safety for players. In order to achieve the best result, the door must open to the inside of the court and to the right side, when entering the court. This ensures that the door does not open to the outside in case either player is falling against it.

For secure fixation, it is absolutely recommended that squash court doors are constructed with 3 instead of 2 hinges. While plastic hinges and fittings reduce the transport weight and handling of the doors, they tend to wear out very quickly and breakage can be observed more often than not. On the other hand, there are iron fittings that render the wall heavier bulkier.

Which is the preferred material for door hardware?

The only material that combines all is aluminum. Squash court door handles, locks and hinges, which are made of aluminum, are ideal as they combine the required strength with a low weight. Additionally they do not wear out quickly and ensures a clean, shiny look for the glass door for squash courts.