Squash Court Specifications: "What are these regulations for?"

Like every serious sport in the world, certain rules and regulations are required to ensure proper practice and controlled conditions for competitions. This obviously applies for the game of squash, too. The World Squash Federation has set out a set of rules. Part of these rules are the squash court specifications for a squash court.

What are these specifications for?

In general, the answer to this question can be broken down to two important factors:

Equal playing conditions for competitions and safety.

For a sport that is competing for participation in the Olympic Games, proper competition and clear rules are the basis of everything. Therefore, the World Squash Federation has already put clear squash court specifications in place that ensure that all tournaments and competitions are played under similar conditions to make certain, the results are comparable and no unfair home advantage for players effect the results.

Those squash court specifications are designed to ensure that equal playing conditions are provided for tournaments around the world. These squash court specifications clearly outline the size of the court (9,75m in length, 6,4m in width and 5,64m in height, measured from the top of the parquet floor). The playing surfaces permitted (no more than two different wall surfaces), the amount of light recommended (500 Lux) and even the amount of times, the air in the squash court should be exchanged per hour (four times).

Last but not least, the squash court specifications state clear conditions for the absolutely plane squash court walls in terms of verticality and straightness. At ASB, the large pref-fabricated elements in combination with a joint less, plane finish ensure the complete straightness and verticality of the ASB SquashCourt and therefore meet the highest standards of squash court specifications around the world.

As mentioned above, the second reason for clear squash court specifications is safety. These squash court specifications are not only intended to ensure the same playing characteristics but also to provide a safe playing environment for all the players. One of the most important parts is the glass, used for the squash court. The squash court glass specifications clearly state that a 12mm security glass must be used to avoid dangerous glass breakage when players fall against a glass back wall. Security glass is a special glass that falls into tiny pieces when it breaks. This reduces the risk of dangerous cuts to virtually zero in case the glass should break. At ASB, only glass made in Germany, manufactured according to high German and European standards is used.