Squash Court Repair: "Do I need to refurbish my squash courts on a regular basis?"

Most squash courts in England, Australia, Germany and many other countries date back to the 1970s or even longer. Therefore, even with the best available squash court wall materials, repairing squash court walls becomes a topic that is getting more and more serious. With a product like a squash court being in use every day for several hours, receiving thousands of hits by the ball, sooner or later the day comes where a squash court repair becomes necessary. This point in time is certainly highly dependent on the material used for the squash court walls. While plaster walls might require squash court plaster refurbishment very 6-12 months, other squash court wall systems might only require filler repairs and a new paint coating in.

Squash Court Repair – the Floor: “Is there any time period to refurbish squash court floors?”

Although the squash court walls might suffer most from wear and tear, the squash court floor is also an important part of the system that might require floor repairs every now and then. Despite popular belief that solid wood flooring can be sanded multiple times in comparison to any engineered floor, reality showed and continues to show that neither one should be sanded more than 3 times to avoid compromising the solidity of the floor. Nevertheless, this does give the floor a life span of at least 15-20 years considering a sanding and re-impregnation of the floor every 5-7 years depending on usage.

Do squash court experts always perform better with repairs?

So all in all, repairing squash court walls and squash court floors is something that needs to be discussed in detail with an expert in order to receive the best possible result. A solid, track record proven squash court is the basis of a good squash center but like a car, it requires some attention and caring to make up for the daily wear and tear. Who would repair your car – a car specialist or the plumber? A short term solution might turn into a long term problem.

Squash Court Repair – the Walls: “What can I do to improve my squash court walls?”

Squash court owners often ask: “What can I do make the look of my squash courts better?” or “What is the best way to make my squash courts look new again?” Depending on the condition and the wall type (being brick, plaster or panel) to repaint the squash court walls is usually the most convenient way to give the courts a new again.