Aida Diva - luxury cruise ship with ASB's all glass squash court

In 2007 ASB is breaking new ground. Squash goes on the water. More precisely: An AllGlassCourt starts travelling across the ocean on a modern cruise ship. It is the cruise ship line AIDA and it is ASB that makes it possible.

For the first time on a luxury liner, an ASB AllGlassCourt including ASB GlassFloor was installed on the deck – open air. With a great view of the surrounding sports facilities and with even a better view of the ocean and the sky.

The court is entirely made of glass. The glass court design was (almost) completely changed and customized for the AIDA “DIVA”. – a cruiser 252 metres long and 32.2 metres wide. 2050 passengers can be accommodated in 1025 cabins. Four diesel engines produce 50 000 BHP and the cruiser will reach a speed of 22 knots.

The rolling and shaking at sea puts high demand on the design. All glass court fittings and connections are seaworthy. The huge safety glass panels are fixed elastically to the new construction.

The glass floor developed by the visionary court builder Horst Babinsky is carried by an elaborate sprung, seaworthy aluminium base. This guarantees low impact on the squash players’ joints. Large floor panels made of two-layered safety glass are fixed elastically on rubber on a newly developed supporting frame.

For all tourist squash players it is a new experience to play all over the world, open-air, at sea on a glass court, which has all-year seasons on the ship. In the daytime, at night, under the sun or under the moon.