Greenfield Plaza, Bucharest

Our latest project in Romania.

The project at Greenfield Plaza, Bucharest was seeded during the pandemic, mid 2020. One court only, but the strategic impact of a perfect implementation was the main essence here: there is no other squash court in the proximity of 60-minute drive – counting in the traffic of the area!

The Developer considered to integrate the court into a larger wellness facility, just to cover the needs of a remote residential area. Visibility & Awareness were the targeted values from our side.

As smooth as it has been, some bumpy challenges had to be surpassed. At first, we had to use a telehandler to unload the panels and sand through a hole in the glass of the main entrance. Secondly, we’ve taken care of the finishing of the side brick walls in an angled bricolage for avoiding the stuck playing balls!

This was one of the applauded solutions by the developer! Any other challenges have been just part of the game, so we … enjoyed returning them in … with a winning stroke!