ASB Pro GlassBackWall

A Glass Back Wall must withstand years of squash matches. For safety reasons the ASB Pro GlassBackWall was developed.

The panels (2.13 m x 2.75 m) are framed with aluminium profiles, especially designed by ASB. The door area is stiffened by aluminium columns 150 mm/40 mm/ 4mm. The door (DIN left) is held by hinges at the side and opens inwards. All aluminium profiles are anodized (E6EV1). The horizontal bar at a height of 2.13 m also forms the out of play line and is concave.

Additional glass panels or a closed element in the ASB system can be installed in the profile of the out of play line at the required height. The connections between the floor and ceiling to the ASB cross bar profile are easy.

The continuous edge of the ASB cross bar profile makes it possible to get really clean joints between the squash court and floor/ceiling.