ASB SportsFloor

Sports floor suitable and dedicated for squash

Squash is a dynamic sport requiring fast reactions. Powerful acceleration, abrupt changes of direction and immediate stops place a great demand on the players’ joints, tendons and muscles. Like no other sport, squash requires a unique style of movement in a relatively small space, with two players battling to occupy the same position around the “T” in the middle of the court. These conditions can only be dealt with on a floor with an “intelligent substructure”.

Over its long history ASB has installed thousands of parquet floors in squash courts. Throughout this time both quality and structure of the parquet floor have changed fundamentally. We were able to achieve these improvements thanks to the long-term development of our knowledge and experience in this field.

In the 70s massive planks made of beech and maple with a thickness of at least 22 to 25 mm epitomised quality. This “unhealthy” floor caused problems with the joints of the players later on. The floor was "too solid” which caused uncontrolled ball rebound and applied too much pressure on the bodies of squash players.

The technical development progressed and ASB was the pioneer using multi-layer boards with a thickness of 12 to 16mm. The whole structure was changed – this was a quantum leap for the floor development.

This new, considerably thinner board was extremely elastic and the whole floor structure changed from a bulky crossbar construction to a sensible, joint-protecting substructure throughout the whole court area. The new healthy floor was invented!

The healthy ASB SportsFloor is 70mm high and has the following advantages:

  • The top layer of the multi-layer sports floor is made of 3.5mm thick wood, either maple, oak or ash tree. Cross layering makes this floor elastic in every direction and no longer that sensitive to humidity.
  • The new elasticity of the whole construction means low impact – the ASB SportsFloor = the healthy floor.
  • This new floor structure makes the ASB sports floor a long-living floor.
  • The blind floor’s structure prevents any breaking through of the upper layer. The whole layer is bedded on rubber pads in intervals of 50cm.
  • The ASB SportsFloor is anti-slip due to its special deep impregnation and its rough sanding.
  • This structure helps to absorb sweat.
  • The floor surface has got more grip.
  • Any “creaking” is prevented by a foil between the upper layer and the substructure.