When a squash ball hits a wall at high speed a mini-vacuum is generated. This vacuum arises because the part of the ball, hitting the wall first immediately leaves the wall again. With the even smallest unevenness this mini vacuum causes small parts of the plaster to be sucked from the wall and causes the known damage.

These damaged surfaces in the squash court cause an unwanted ball rebound, the damage gets worse and playing in the court becomes a disaster. Holes, cracks and chipping should be repaired as fast as possible. Small damage can be handled when treated on time, but if the areas are already too large it is hardly possible to carry out such a repair.

ASB’s plaster material is suitable for surfaces, that are plastered with Armourcoat or Proderite, but also for repair of conventionally built plaster courts.

As it is almost impossible that the damaged areas will last very long and it is important to avoid annual repairs (in terms of yearly costs and court time loss) , ASB suggest to think about a permanent solution such as the ASB Sytem40 wall or the ASB PermanentGlassWall.

Additional Information

Time14-16 hours of work for one worker (depending on the extent of damaged areas) / 24 hours to completion
DifficultyCraftsmanship needed
Suitable forPlastered Court
Special adviseASB’s partners in several countries providing professional squash court maintenance, renovation and repair service – a reliable, responsive, high-quality service. As this work is difficult it is suggested that ASB partner’s expertise and craftsmanship is needed.

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