3-5 Squash Courts

Glass Courts

ASB GlassCourts are installed everywhere in the world, even in front of the Pyramids of Giza. The ASB ShowGlassCourt is used at most of the major PSA or WSF events, such as World Championships, World Tour Finals, British Open, Commonwealth Games and many more. Furthermore, ASB has developed many special and innovative glass court solutions, such as the TPoint with an ASB GlassFloor, the ASB CommunitySquashCourt, the ASB PermanentGlassCourt or customized applications for commercial and private glass courts at clubs, homes, on a 160m-yacht and many more. Since ASB is known as the most innovative squash court manufacturer in the world, you can rest assured, that we will not stop being creative and innovative, in particular for your special individual project.

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ASB ShowGlassCourt
The ASB ShowGlassCourt is used for major international tournaments featuring the world’s leading players

A smart outdoor squash court

ASB PermanentGlassCourt
A fixed installation of a glass court which takes your squash centre to a next level

ASB CommunitySquashCourt
A new type of squash court for the public use

ASB GlassFloor
Sports floor with a glass surface and LED marking lines