Customized solutions

6 or more Squash Courts

When planning a squash facility with 6 or more squash courts, it is important to take a close look at the whole concept of the facility. The squash courts are usually built next to each other or opposite each other. Another possibility is a configuration with a center court in the middle and the distribution of the remaining squash courts around the center court. A squash facility with 6 or more squash courts is automatically qualified to host world championships. Therefore, it is highly recommended to either leave space for a temporary glass court (ASB ShowGlassCourt) or to install a glass court permanently (ASB PermanentGlassCourt) and create appropriate seating capacities for larger events and tournaments. Some squash courts can also be used as multi-purpose areas by using movable side walls (ASB Movable SideWall). Ideally, squash courts share side or front walls. The ideal solution in most cases is the combination of ASB System40 and ASB System100.