Generally, after 5 years of using your squash court, a renovation of the floor will become necessary. An ASB technician comes to your facility. He checks the floor, grinds it off completely and uses the ASB Floor renovation set with its floor impregnation (for anti-slip surfaces). After this he repaints the floor marking (red, blue, yellow, green or white).

You do not need to worry about anything! You’ll get quality work from our experienced ASB engineers.

Additional Information

Time12 hours work / 24 hours to completion (colour dry)
DifficultyCraftsmanship needed
Suitable forASB CourtSystem, plastered Court, Panel Court
Special adviseASB’s partners in several countries providing professional squash court maintenance, renovation and repair service – a reliable, responsive, high-quality service. As this work is difficult it is suggested that ASB partner’s expertise and craftsmanship is needed.

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