With this product, it is possible to repair minor damaged areas in your court of less than 3 mm depth and a maximum diameter of 4 cm can be repaired. After this work, it may be required to paint the wall new.

As it is almost impossible that the damaged areas will last very long and it is important to avoid annual repairs (in terms of yearly costs and court time loss) , ASB suggest to think about a permanent solution such as the ASB Sytem40 wall or the ASB PermanentGlassWall.

Additional Information

TimeDepending on the extent of damaged areas / 12 hours to completion
DifficultyCraftsmanship needed
Special adviseASB’s partners in several countries providing professional squash court maintenance, renovation and repair service – a reliable, responsive, high-quality service. As this work is difficult it is suggested that ASB partner’s expertise and craftsmanship is needed.

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