ASB at PanAmerican Games in Santiago de Chile

ASB and its local partner Sportek have joined forces to build not only four squash courts but also four racquetball courts for the 2023 PanAmerican Games in Santiago de Chile, Chile. Despite a very tight schedule, the mixed crew managed to build a total of eight courts within only a couple of weeks. Four ASB System100 sand-filled courts in a row with ASB Freestanding GlassBackWalls and two ASB Movable SideWalls to allow for singles AND doubles competition as well as four racquetball courts including ceiling and one glass side wall for a better spectator experience were erected in a brand new building that was just completed before the Games started. The athletes were happy with the final result and ASB with Sportek have proven that they are the go-to company for such a major event in South America.

For a glimpse of the action, here are the links to some video footage.