ASB ShowGlassCourt Upgrade

LED Lights added to the ASB ShowGlassCourt

The ASB LED lighting suitable for highest broadcast standards, is a part of the court and permanently attached to the glass with special fixings and light beams – no extra metal posts, which would reduce the clear view, carry the light system. It meets the TV light requirement of minimum 1600-1800 lux at floor level, at any place within the court. The LED light is suitable for super slow motion up to 4000 fps without any light flickering. The LED Lights have the ability to be dimmed and run a programmed lightshow. The ASB ShowGlassCourts are prepared to have the option to install a light spill cover system on top of the glass, which prevents light spill over the glass and light the outside which will influence the one-way-vision™ view effect.