ASB OutdoorSquashCourt

Enjoying the squash game outdoors

ASB has a proven long history and experience with squash court production and installation and furthermore knowledge gained from the many outdoor ASB ShowGlassCourt setups done in the course of the company’s history.

From this background ASB has developed a new type of squash court for the outdoor use. The aim is to give more people access to squash courts and to recruit new squash players as well as to create more awareness of our great sport.


How does it work?

Usually, squash is played in squash or leisure centres, schools, universities, or at other squash related venues. But is the unusual possible? What about playing squash outdoors? This is possible, but it needs the right venue and appropriate material to build a court that can withstand all outdoor conditions such as the weather, and many other influences that every publicly accessible installation must face. Bringing squash outdoors and making it more accessible and visible will give the sport a better image and more attention.

Requirements and attributes:

  • The Foundation: No need for a building, only a flat area of roughly 12x10 metres is needed. This area only needs to be able to withstand the weight of the court. This has to be an even ground, preferably made of concrete.
  • The Structure: Basic structure is formed by a steel frame with a resistant anti-corrosive surface treatment.
  • The Walls: Walls are made of specially designed plastic boards which are UV protected and highly durable to sustain the constant squash ball hitting and rough outdoor conditions.
  • The Floor: This floor surface consists of special plastic boards that are weather resistant and equipped with a good grip. These boards are flexible and include marking lines. All made to last.
  • The Lighting: If an outdoor squash court needs lighting (as the venue allows evening usage too), the outdoor court can be fitted with a specially designed outdoor lighting system.


  • Outdoor placement
  • Simple site preparation
  • Durability and resistance
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Fast installation
  • The court can be moved from one location to the other