France, Charvieu-Chavagneux Hall22

Hall22 is located in Charvieu-Chavagneux minutes away from the center french economic power house Lyon. The three ASB System100 courts are part of a large multisports center. With nearly 2000m2, Hall 22 is designed for sports enthusiasts with a multitude of activities available: fitness, cross training, group classes, aquafitness and aquabike classes and of course 3 ASB System100 squash courts built in 2022. 

The owners are very happy with the courts as Dominique Brosset states: "The complex has been open since December 15, 2022. All the squashers are delighted with the quality of the courts, me first. So far, everything is going well.“

The entire complex is equipped with large windows and a sophisticated ventilation system, to allow sportsmen and women to do their sessions in the best conditions.

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