ASB CommunitySquashCourt

ASB has a proven track record with its ASB ShowGlassCourt which has been used for most of the major international tournaments featuring the world’s leading players. From this background and experience ASB has built many outdoor glass squash courts for private clients. With all the experience and willingness to innovate, ASB has developed a new type of squash court for the public use.

Using highly specialized glass technology ASB developed a unique glass surface for the squash community. The new surface features burned in ceramic areas that are customized. All glass surfaces and etches are protected against vandalism and the outdoor courts feature a new durable and sprung outdoor floor.

The courts can be fitted with a lighting rig that can also be retrofitted at any time. Furthermore, as an optional extra for certain installations, ASB also offers the possibility for using ASB GlassFloor.

The new glass surface also allows customization for the responsible authorities and sponsors.

ASB also offers a solar floor that can charge batteries to operate lighting at night, as an optional extra for certain installations.

The aim of ASB is to give more people access to a squash court and to recruit new squash players. In joint collaborations between clubs and city councils, it would be great to have the ASB CommunitySquashCourt in parks of major cities like New York, Paris, Los Angeles, London, Rio, Tokyo, Moscow, Sydney, etc.