Founded on 1st October 1965 as a company for interior construction.

1968 Construction of interesting projects with an aluminium building system called “Trelement” (triangle and hexagon construction method) churches, schools, office buildings and kindergartens.

1972 Development of the ASB construction method together with Eberhard G. Rensch and construction of 70 kindergartens in Germany, two Max-Planck Institutes, one Goethe Institute and different office buildings and schools. ASB was market leader in this field.

1976 Development of an ASB SystemSquashCourts with various patents

1977 “Aktuelles Sportstudio” ZDF (Germany’s most renowned sports programme).


1976 Start with the first ASB SystemCourt
1978 ASB Pro GlassBackWall
1979 Development of the ASB movable wall
1979 Development of the ASB rotary GlassBackWall
1981 The health ASB SportsFloor
1987 Innovation Award of the squash press
1990 ASB GameCourt
1991 ASB SquashCourt System 100
1995 ASB RainbowCourts
1998 ASB ShowGlassCourt
2000 ASB SensitiveTin and ASB TopSquash
2003 Innovations Award World Squash Federation
2006 ASB GlassFloor
2007 First Glass Court on the Club Ship AIDAdiva
2008 ASB CeramicFloor
2009 ASB ShowGlassCourt / upgrade: glass fins instead of metal poles
2010 ASB SquashCourt Sytem 85
2011 ASB RefereeSystem and ASB TopSquash (screens)
2011 ASB ShowGlassCourt / upgrade: bigger panels, TV visibility)
2012 ASB TVO Floor (TV optimised)
2013 ASB ShowGlassCourt / upgrade: LED (out, service and tin) lines